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MARS VEROflow-1 (VF-1)
MARS VEROflow-1 (VF-1)

MARS VEROflow-1 (VF-1)

Field testing residential water meters is easy with the MARS VEROflow-1 Utility Service Analyzer. The VEROflow-1 is a precision microprocessor-based test instrument that can measure actual flow rate to within 1/10 GPM. Pulse signals generated by the turbine are magnetically transmitted to the microprocessor, then computed into one of four units of measure and shown on an easily read LCD display.


Simplify the verification of water meter accuracy to within .5% by merely connecting the instrument to the customer’s hose line.


Check both static and flow pressure at the customer’s residence. If any blockage exists, this data will indicate which side of the meter the problem is on. Serve as a rate of flow indicator, line pressure gauge and comparison tester for small meter shops not equipped with a full test bench and calibrated tanks.


The MARS VF-1 Utility Service Analyzer is calibrated on the MARS 5-1000 Water Meter Test Bench, which complies with the NIST. All MARS Testing Systems follow recommended parameters for water meter testing and calibration as outlined in the American Water Works Association (AWWA) M6 Manual for Water Meter Testing.

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Standard Specifications

Specifications are subject to change at any time.  Please contact MARS for the latest specifications.

MARS VEROflow-1 (VF-1)

-  Accurate to +/- 1.5%

-  Locate Pressure Problems

-  Resolve Customer Complaints

-  Precision Microprocessor Test Unit

-  Lightweight & Portable Field Testing

-  Supported Units of Measure: 
     - U.S. Gallons
     - Imperial Gallons
     - Litre
     - Cubic Feet

-  Optimum Flow Range: 3-25 GPM, 150 PSI

-  1 Moving Part: Turbine Rotor

-  5/8"x3/4" Meter Threads & Length

-  Includes:
     - Lightweight Carrying Case
     - Fittings
     - Detailed Operating Instructions

-  Detailed Operating Instructions Included

-  Additional Services - MARS Certification: 
     - Calibration to AWWA Standards
     - Battery Replacement

-  One (1) Year Limited Warranty

Proudly Made in the USA

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MARS VEROflow-1 VF-1 Water Meter Tester