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MARS VEROflow-4 (VF-4)
MARS VEROflow-4 (VF-4) Touch Water Meter Tester

MARS VEROflow-4 (VF-4) Touch

The VEROflow-4 Touch Mobile Meter Testing System is designed for large meter testing in the field of all lengths and types of meters. Maximize manpower with the ability to accurately field test meters - with the new user-friendly touchscreen interface, testing is easier than ever! Based on comparison meter technology, the VEROflow-4 Touch is fully linearized to sixteen points to compensate for inherent test meter accuracy curves with no need for a correction card. The VEROflow-4 Touch, for when testing meters to a higher standard of accuracy and repeatability is required. 

MARS is the recognized industry leader for water meter testing equipment of all sizes, residential through commercial.


Directly connect to National Standard Fire Hose coupling threads (2.5”). The meter must be at a full flow of liquid with three feet of straight inlet hose for proper accuracy. The Veroflow-4 must be secured prior to starting test.


Consists of an NIST traceable 3” turbine meter, NIST traceable 3/4” turbine meter, 3” gate valve, 3/4” ball valve and a pressure gauge. Inlet and outlet are equipped with brass National Standard Fire Hose swivel couplings.

Add'l Services

MARS Calibration Certification program provides training, calibration, repair and battery replacement services.  MARS Testing Services offers independent third-party review audits, verifying the accuracy of water meters for legal disputes.

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Standard Specifications

Specifications are subject to change at any time.  Please contact MARS for the latest specifications.

MARS VEROflow-4 (VF-4) Touch

-  Accuracy ±0.5%, Repeatable ±0.1%

-  16 - Point Calibration Linearization

-  Resolve Customer Complaints Fast

-  Meter Shop Quality with Mobility

ONLY NIST Traceable Field Test Unit

-  NEMA 4X Explosion-Proof Enclosure

-  Test Meters On-Site without Removal

-  Corrosion Resistance: 20+ Years

-  Illuminated Touchscreen Display

-  Easy Operation and Lightweight to Minimize Errors and Fatigue

-  Supported Units of Measure: 
     - U.S. Gallons
     - Imperial Gallons
     - Litres
     - Cubic Meters
     - Cubic Feet

-  Flow Range: 0.75 - 650 GPM, 160 PSI (VF-4 HP: 300 PSI)

-  Temperature Range: 32°F to 120°F

-  Weight: 65 LBS

-  Detailed Operating Instructions Included

-  One (1) Year Limited Warranty

-  Available Options: Cart, Hose, and Fitting Accessory Kits

Proudly Made in the USA

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VEROflow-4 Touch

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MARS VEROflow-4 VF-4 Touch Water Meter Tester