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MARS Couplings

MARS Water Meter Couplings

Our method of manufacturing MARS Meter Couplings produces a casting that’s smooth and clean inside and out, free of imperfections. 

When installed, they take up easily and draw tight.  Gaskets optional.

Standard Specifications

Specifications are subject to change at any time.  Please contact MARS for the latest specifications.

MARS Meter Couplings

-  Sizes: 3/4", 1", 1-1/2", 2"

-  Material: No-Lead Bronze

-  Threads: Straight per AWWA C700

-  Nuts: Swivel

-  Security: Wire Seal

-  Available in Bulk or Sets with Gaskets, Nuts, and Bolts

Proudly Made in the USA

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MARS Water Meter Couplings