Diversified Products - MARS VEROflow Calibration

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Why Calibrate Your VEROflow Device?


Neutral Results

When MARS calibrates your device and provides a Certificate, results are not biased towards the utility or the customer.  


Reduce Downtime

In addition to calibrating your VEROflow device, MARS also inspects the unit for any other potential issues, including batteries.


Increase Confidence

MARS in-house Test Systems are calibrated and NIST-Traceable. Annual Calibration is recommended for all VEROflow Meter Testing devices.


Simplify Operations

VEROflow devices are sent to MARS, inspected, calibrated, tested, and returned with certification with optional preventative maintenance performed.

MARS Water Meter Accuracy and Performance Testing

VEROflow Calibration Services

MARS performs VEROflow calibrations regularly. Contact us today to discuss how MARS can provide you the results you need.

Is your Meter Shop Certified?

With MARS Certified, you can protect both MARS and selected third-party equipment with technical assistance, software upgrades, preventative maintenance, spares management and on-site maintenance. Not only is the equipment upkeep essential, but ensuring all operators are fully trained on meter testing practices and procedures is critical.

MARS Maintenance Calibration Certification