Fabrication Services

MARS In-House Fabrication Ocala Florida USA

MARS Custom Fabrication Services

MARS Test Systems and many of our other supplies are built in-house by our production and fabrication teams. If you would like accessories to compliment your Water Meter Test System, such as meter carts, spools, or spool racks, contact MARS today.

Available Services

Stainless Steel Tanks

Headers/Weld Flanges

Adjustable Pipe Stands

Aluminum Tig/Mig Special Projects

Custom Copper Components

Stainless Steel Pipe Welding & Threading

Multiple Spool & Piping

Hanger Fabrication

Painting & Powder Coating

Steel Tig/Mig

Companion Flanges (One & 2 Holed)

And More! Contact Us today.

Is your Meter Shop Certified?

With MARS Certified, you can protect both MARS and selected third-party equipment with technical assistance, software upgrades, preventative maintenance, spares management and on-site maintenance. Not only is the equipment upkeep essential, but ensuring all operators are fully trained on meter testing practices and procedures is critical.

MARS Maintenance Calibration Certification