MARS Maintenance Calibration Certification (MCC)

Is your Meter Shop Certified?

With MARS Maintenance Calibration Certification (MCC), you can protect both MARS and selected third-party equipment with technical assistance, software upgrades, preventative maintenance, spares management and on-site maintenance. Not only is the equipment upkeep essential, but ensuring all operators are fully trained on meter testing practices and procedures is critical.

MARS Calibration Certification
MARS Water Meter Accuracy Test Bench Calibration Certification MCC

Ensure Equipment Accuracy and Dependability Through MARS Independent, Third-party Certification

MARS Calibration, Maintenance and Support Program, known as MARS Maintenance Calibration Certification (MCC) is the industry’s first independent equipment accuracy and calibration certification solution designed specifically for the waterworks industry.

Flexible Program

Offered in three tiers, MCC can be customized for your specific application.

Simplify Maintenance

24/7 remote technical assistance, MARS Annual Hardware Certification, routine preventative maintenance, and more across all tiers of support.

Fully Compliant

Full compliance with AWWA M6 testing parameters and recommendations, as well as California SB 555.

How can MARS Calibration Certification benefit me?



Under MCC, the meter shop is tested and calibrated to maintain compliance with AWWA and SB 555 Standards.


Discounted Parts

Not only will MARS discount costs by bundling under MCC, but all tiers receive a 20% parts discount and 90 day warranty.


Reduce Downtime 

Preventative maintenance will assure that all components are properly maintained and replaced before they become an issue.


Simplify Maintenance

Packaging service and support simplifies purchasing, support, and scheduling while outlining responsibilities.

Is your Water Meter Test System ANSI/AWWA C715-18 Compliant?

MARS Company, a global leader in water meter testing and technology solutions, offers the first and only Test Bench Equipment Upgrade Program that includes special incentives enabling customers to upgrade their existing MARS test bench equipment to comply with the new ANSI / AWWA C715-18 industry standard.

MARS ANSI/AWWA C715 Certification Seal

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MARS Calibration Certification

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MARS Water Meter Accuracy Test Bench Calibration Certification MCC

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