Remote Counter Modules (RCM-100)

MARS Remote Counter Module RCM-100

MARS Remote Counter Modules

Now California Certified for Water & Gas! 
New Field Replaceable Battery 
New Spring Tension Terminal Blocks for Easier Wiring

The RCM-100 is a remote primary display with ability to communicate with all types of pulse equipped water & gas meter registers. The customers and meter readers can access the meter reading without having access to the water and/or gas meter itself. It is available in single and dual register models for water, with color coding for hot (red) or cold (blue) water usage. 

We are pleased to announce our NEW California Certified Natural Gas RCM-100 with green color coding! The meter reading is displayed on a 8-digit LCD powered by a 3.6 Volt Field Replacable Lithium battery. The heart of the RCM-100 is a micro- processor to interrogate an encoder or store counts from any pulse type-metering device. The LCD display continually indicates the current meter reading.

Standard Specifications

Specifications are subject to change at any time.  Please contact MARS for the latest specifications.

MARS Remote Counter Module (RCM-100)

-  California Certified for Natural Gas

-  Redesigned 3.5mm Programming Jack for High Operational Reliability

-  Field Replaceable Battery to Extend Installed Product Life

-  Reduced Installation Time with Tool-Less Spring Terminal Blocks

-  Enclosure Material: Grey Poly-Carbonate

-  Enclosure: Water-Resistant Wall Mount

-  Cover Material: Clear Poly-Carbonate

-  Circuit Board: Conformal Coated

-  Connection: Spring Terminal Block(s)

-  Dimensions: 2-1/2" x 4-1/2" x 1-1/2"

-  Display: Custom 8-Digit LCD

-  Weight: 7.5 oz


The RCM-100 has a communication connector that can only be accessed when the unit cover is removed. This connector allows the dedicated programming device to configure and setup the unit. The case offers sealing against water entry. Cable entry will be by means of a small hole on the base of the case. This must be adequately sealed after installation to maintain the water sealing in those installations that require such protection.

AMR/AMI Connectivity

The RCM-100 Single and Dual Unit has an output for connecting to an Automatic Meter Reading device such as RF Transmitters for both.

Tamper Detection

The unit is equipped to indicate any and all unauthorized tampering with the wire, the meter register, and the security sealed cover. In either instance, a tamper indicator is displayed on the LCD display depicted by a large X at the extreme left of the LCD display. Only the owner or operator can reset and erase the tamper code using the RCM Programmer, as no other device can access the program. With each unit a State Approved Adhesive Security Seal can be used if required for dual tamper protection.

Required State Markings

The serial number, make, device identification, manufacturer and model number are contained on a label that is fixed on the inside of the clear cover that cannot be changed or removed once the unit is installed. The PCB is permanently fixed to the inside of the unit under the label and is not removable.

Frequently Asked Questions

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MARS RCM-100 Remote Counter Module